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Frequently Asked Questions



Q. Is the BRR non profit?
A. Yes, 501(C)(3)

Q. Does the BRR have its own bylaws?
A. Yes, they can be accessed through our website,

Q. How do I order BRR spirit wear, shirts, hats, etc?
A. Through our spirit wear coordinator, Susan Deck (

Q. What happens to any money left in team accounts at the end of the year?
A. It is required that $400 remains in each team account on Sept 1st of each year. Any funds over that amount will be divided by the number of players on that team and the money follows the player.


Registration and Fees
Q. What is the financial commitment of the Bay River Rumble?
A. Investment fee for the entire calendar year is $300, but overall fee for the season is established by each team based on number of tournaments and other budgetary items.

Q. Is there a uniform fee?
A. Yes, BRR charges a uniform fee of $150.


Q. When are uniforms and helmets replaced?
A. Items are replaced every two-three years or as needed.

Q. What is your refund policy?
A. $100 is non-refundable. Any other payments shall be refunded prior to any tournaments played at your request.

Q. Do you have a payment plan?
A. Yes, all plans are arranged with the BRR Treasurer, Chris Russell (

Q. Do you offer a multiplayer discount for families with more than one child participating?
A. Yes, we offer a discount of $75 for the first family member and $100 for each additional family member.

Sponsors and Fundraising
Q. Are you looking for sponsors?
A. Yes, the BRR needs sponsors. See your manager for our official sponsorship pledge forms.

Q. Can players get their own sponsor?
A. Yes, but compensation gifts will not be given to the sponsor if funds are used to cover player fees.

Q. Why is it required that my child participates in fundraising?
A. It keeps our fees to a minimum and encourages team bonding. Team events help build relationships on and off the field, thereby increasing team performance.

Q. Does the BRR participate in Bingo?
A. We offer bingo as a method of fundraising. However, each family may do this on a voluntary basis. It is not required.

Q. What kind of fundraising does the BRR do?
A. Lotto raffle, donut sales, car washes and restaurant outings. Most anything a team wants.

Tryouts and More
Q. Will I try-out for a specific position?
A. Yes, each player will try-out for a primary and a secondary position.

Q. How are players selected?
A. Players are evaluated by at least one person not managing the specific age group. The manager of the team will review tryout results and select his or her final roster. The manager may elect to keep the current team in place, therefore selecting limited or no additional players.

Q. How many players are on each team.
A. The BRR board recommends a roster of 12. Minimum of 11 is required and 14 may be carried. Any additional require board approval.

Coaches and Trainers
Q. How are coaches selected?
A. Managers are selected by the BRR board; final selection is made by the President. Coaches are selected by the manager and submitted to the BRR board for approval.

Q. Do you use professional instructors?
A. Yes, we have a wide selection of instructors. At times provided by the team or used as private instructors.

Q. Do you do background checks on coaches, board members, instructors, etc?
A. Yes, all coaches and volunteers must pass a background check.

Q. Who do I talk to if I have a problem with the coaching staff?
A. The BRR Player Agent, Willy Adams, will gladly help you in this situation. (

Q. Do you need to have a child in the program to be coach?
A. No, the BRR will place the best candidate on the staff with or without a child in the program.

Q. As a parent am I permitted to help with practices?
A. Only if asked by the manager. We must allow our coaches to coach and respect their wishes.

Equipment and Fields
Q. My daughter catches. Does she need her own gear?
A. No, each team will have their own gear, but most catchers want their own.

Q. Do I need to participate in field maintenance?
A. Yes, we are a family. We need all parents to assist in maintaining the fields we use.

Q. Do I need to mow the fields?
A. Yes, each team is responsible for mowing our home field at the Salvation Army at least one month out of each year.

Q. How many tournaments will you play in?
A. Tournaments are schedule by each team. You can expect 3-6 in the fall, 3-6 in the spring, and 3-6 in the summer.

Q. How far do you travel?
A. Most, if not all, tournaments are within an hour's drive. But, teams may elect to travel outside the area or state.

Q. When does the season end?
A. Season runs September through August. Tournaments begin in late March and end in early November.

Q. Is there a "minimum play" requirement?
A. No, but the BRR encourages its managers to play all girls. However, playing time is earned not given. Earned is determined by each manager.

Q. What happens if my child gets hurt during a practice or tournament?
A. Medical attention will be administered, 911 called if needed and an accident report will be filled out by the manager and submitted to our safety officer.

Q. How many times a week will you practice?
A. Practices are scheduled by each team’s manager. Depending on the time of year, normally it's 2-3 a week.

Q. Will the BRR practice and condition through the winter months?
A. Yes, each team will practice 1-2 times a week in a gym. Outside if weather permits.

Q. Where does the BRR practice?
A. In the cities of Yorktown, Newport News and Hampton.

Academics and School Activities
Q. Are you Little League friendly?
A. Yes. While we support little league, we will play in spring tournaments.

Q. Can I play school sports?
A. YES! The BRR supports our players' interest and wants them to have a life outside of softball.

Q. Do you require players to maintain a minimum GPA?
A. Yes, each player must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher.

Q. What happens if my GPA drops below 2.0?
A. Players will be benched and provided a tutor. Every effort will be made to assist the player.

Q. Do you offer tutors?
A. Yes at your request. We have parents and players who can help your daughters.

Additional Financial Info
• $100 of the investment fee is due no later than 7 days after invited to the team. 
• $100 of player investment fees are non-refundable.
• Remaining fee is due no later then Oct 21st of each year.
• All players are required to participate in team fundraising.
• Each team sets its own budget.
• Each team and the organization will provide various fundraising opportunities.
• Each player must meet 50% of her fundraising obligation no later then Dec 31st.
• Each player must complete her fundraising obligation no later than May 1st.
• Any player or coach not able to meet the financial guidelines will be suspended until they are met.
• All equipment issued to players remains the property of the Bay River Rumble. This includes but is not limited to helmets and bat bags.

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